What is PRMBS?

“Protect your employees against the unforeseen medical expenses by investing in ABSLI’s PRMBS schemes”

PRMBS or Post Retirement Medical Benefits Scheme refers to certain medical benefits provided by an employer to his/her superannuated or retired employees, their spouses, and dependent children. Under this scheme, the employer pays for the medical expenses incurred by a retired employee for the treatment of his/her own self, spouse, or dependent children.

ABSLI’s PRMBS plans are designed to help you accumulate the required corpus to pay your retired employees under the PRMBS scheme, as and when the need arises.

Why fund PRMBS?

The PRMBS scheme ensures that your employees do not have to worry about a medical contingency after their retirement from the service. By investing in a PRMBS plan, you can build a corpus to ensure this liability is met, without disturbing your cashflow.

  • Accumulation of PRMBS funds without disturbing your cashflow
  • Build a large corpus to ensure that your liabilities towards your employees are met
  • Helps in talent acquisition and keeping your current employees motivated
  • Helps in creating a safe and secure pool of funds for your employees

ABSLI’s PRMBS Products

ABSLI Group CapSecure Plan

A non-linked non-participating fund based group plan where the employer is the master policyholder while the employees are the beneficiaries.

Capital protection with compounding returns
  • Offers capital guarantee
  • Returns are declared quarterly
  • Traditional non-linked product

ABSLI Group Capital Assured Traditional Plan

A non-participating non-linked fund based group plan where the employer can earn interest income on the investments, which will be credited to the policy at the end of each financial year.

Capital protection with guaranteed positive returns
  • Offers capital guarantee
  • Returns are declared annually
  • Traditional non-linked product

Benefits of funding PRMBS Scheme

By investing in a PRMBS Scheme, you will be able to create a substantial corpus for providing PRMBS benefits to your employees and its costs will be spread uniformly over the employee’s service years.

A PRMBS Scheme allows you to fulfil your liabilities towards your employees without adversely affecting your cash-flow and working capital.

You will earn interests on your investment which will help in reducing your yearly contribution.

By investing in a PRMBS Scheme, you will not only accumulate funds for paying employee benefits but also gain high returns on them in the form of interest.

PRMBS Scheme offered by ABSLI offers high liquidity. You can make stable stream of contributions towards the policy and file a claim to withdraw money, whenever necessary.

A part of the contributions made by youtowards a PRMBS scheme will be used to provide life insurance cover to your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whom does a PRMB scheme covers?

    PRMB scheme covers the medical expenses incurred by a retired employee, his/her spouse, dependent son(s), and unmarried daughter(s).

  • Is it mandatory for employers to offer PRMBS to employees?

    Though it’s not mandatory for employers to offer PRMBS to their employees, it helps in fostering employee-employer relationship and also in talent acquisition and retention.

  • Can I invest in multiple PRMBS plans?

    Yes. You can invest in multiple PRMBS plans from ABSLI to diversify your portfolio and create a substantial corpus to fulfil your liabilities towards your employees.

  • What is the minimum amount which I can invest in a PRMBS Plan?

    It depends upon the plan option chosen by you. Usually, minimum contribution allowed towards ABSLI’s PRMBS plans starts from Rs. 5,000 per year and there is no cap on maximum contribution which you can make.

Why Choose ABSLI’s PRMBS Scheme?

Our PRMBS Schemes are designed to provide you a peace of mind with:

  • Consistent returns in top quartile across products
  • 19+ 19+ years of experiences investment managers
  • High quality portfolio with the right mix of debt and equity
  • Complete transparency and flexibility to manage your portfolio



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